Persian through Rumi

“Rumi (“the Greek”) is the name given to the Persian poet Jalaluddin, who was born in 1207 in Balkhr (Βάκτρα) and lived and died in Ἰκόνιον in central Anatolia.
Reynold Nicholson discovered Rumi in the 19th century only after learning the Persian language. And Rumi was made a bestseller in the US (800 years after his death) by Colman Barks only after learning Persian!

‘Persian through Rumi’ is a workshop where we learn Persian and enjoy the ecstatic world of love as told in Rumi poetry. Rumi’s poetry of love is so clean and clear and fantastic that you almost need no language to read, understand, feel and enjoy it!
The workshop will also reveal numerous secret bonds between the Greek and the Persian languages.”

Monday 18.30-20.00